$10 Federal Reserve Notes 1928B LGS District Set: Fred


Fred - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

Current Statistics
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 67.250
Complete 33.33%
Set Rating 22.417
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ImagePCGS No.SeriesItemDenomGradeFriedberg No.PopPop HigherOwner's Comments
9200201001928BFr. 2002-A 1928B $10 LGS Boston$10 Fr. 2002-A
9200202001928BFr. 2002-B 1928B $10 LGS New York$10 Fr. 2002-B
9200203001928BFr. 2002-C 1928B $10 LGS Philadelphia$10 Fr. 2002-C
9200204001928BFr. 2002-D 1928B $10 LGS Cleveland$10Green 65 PPQFr. 2002-D20
9200205001928BFr. 2002-E 1928B $10 LGS Richmond$10 Fr. 2002-E
9200206001928BFr. 2002-F 1928B $10 LGS Atlanta$10 Fr. 2002-F
9200207001928BFr. 2002-G 1928B $10 LGS Chicago$10Green 65 PPQFr. 2002-G1511
9200208001928BFr. 2002-H 1928B $10 LGS St. Louis$10Green 66 PPQFr. 2002-H1301928B St. Louis Light Green Seal
9200209001928BFr. 2002-I 1928B $10 LGS Minneapolis$10 Fr. 2002-I
9200210001928BFr. 2002-J 1928B $10 LGS Kansas City$10 Fr. 2002-J
9200211001928BFr. 2002-K 1928B $10 LGS Dallas$10 Fr. 2002-K
9200212001928BFr. 2002-L 1928B $10 LGS San Francisco$10Green 65 PPQFr. 2002-L301928B San Francisco Light Green Seal.