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The criteria for entry into the PCGS Currency Set Registry Hall of Fame includes set popularity, difficulty, grade average, completion percentage, type, and degree of competition within the set category.









2016 Inductees


National Bank Note First Charter State Set

“Godot” – National Bank Note First Charter State Set – During the first twenty years after the National Bank Act of 1863 established the National Banking system, financial institutions in 44 states and territories (plus the District of Columbia) were awarded National Bank charters. Notes issued by these banks under the “first charter” period are among the most beautifully designed issues of United States currency, and they are among the most popularly collected as well. In addition, many of these notes were issued in limited numbers—and therefore their survival rates are even smaller. The list of First Charter notes from any bank or of any denomination that can be considered common is quite short, and most notes from most cities and towns fall into the scarce, or even rare, categories. For some locations, they simply don’t exist. Such is very nearly the case with the entire state of Mississippi, from which a single piece (approximately 25%) of a single First Charter note is known. Nevada is another example, as only a single First Charter note from this state is known to have survived in private hands today. Godot's achievement in assembling a complete set of First Charter Nationals from every state plus the District of Columbia) is unique in the annals of numismatics: many collectors have attempted to assemble such a collection, but this is the first successful challenge to what must be considered one of the “Mt. Everests” of U.S. currency collecting. His First Charter State Set might very well be one of the most impressive completions of any currency collection in the history of American numismatics. If ever there was a collection worthy of inclusion in the PCGS Currency Set Registry Hall of Fame, this is it. We are honored to have graded each and every one of the notes in this set, and we congratulate Godot on his magnificent achievement.

2015 Inductees


2014 Inductees

Ron Foley (

Fractional Currency 24-Piece Design Set

Ron Foley (cccurrency) – Fractional Currency 24-Piece Design Set – Giving “Hall of Fame” honors to any collection is a process which requires much thought and deliberation. This year, however, there was one obvious candidate that needed no debate. Mr. Foley’s Fractional type set includes only notes graded Gem New 65PPQ or higher, and his weighted GPA of 69.04 falls only a fraction of a point short of the theoretical possible high score of 69.37. Fully 20 of the 24 notes present qualify for highest honors in the PCGS Currency population report. Ron has graciously exhibited his set at the Memphis show in past years, and anyone who has had the opportunity to examine it can tell that he has both a fastidious eye for quality and an appreciation for aesthetic appeal. While it is, after all, theoretically possible for a finer collection of graded Fractionals to be assembled, we don’t expect a collection of this quality to be assembled for many years, if ever.


2013 Inductees

Cliff Andrews (
Cliff's Incredibily Low Large Size Design Set)

$1 Large Size Design Low Ball Set

This “low ball” set assembled by Mr. Andrews is legendary. This category paradoxically encourages competitors to assemble the “worst of the worst”—the lowest grades possible for each note. The weighted GPA of 2.149 is hardly “improvable” (i.e. can’t be lowered), as 12 of the 13 notes in his set are the lowest graded for their type to date by PCGS Currency. His set has won top “low ball” collection award honors for five consecutive years, from 2008 to 2012. With his wins in 2013 and 2014 for his $2 “low ball” set, he is the only person to win this award, since our initial awards recognition in 2008, for seven consecutive years! Cliff has a passion for “low ball” notes that is infectious, as the competition is getting more heated every year.

2012 Inductees

Jeff Smith (Stars & Stripes Collection)

Military Payment Certificates Complete Set

The PCGS Currency Set Registry Hall of Fame is reserved for those sets that exemplify the Set Registry concept. This is our first and only five-time winning set. Not surprisingly, Jeff took top honors again this year for his Military Certificate set, once more setting another record as well by having the only five-time winning set in the Military Certificate category. The “Stars & Stripes Collection” is 100% complete and upgrades led to an increase in the weighted GPA over last year- from 65.98 to 66.828. The collection includes many “top pop” notes and a number of rarities. We salute Jeff’s efforts for continually seeking to improve upon a very notable collection.

2011 Inductees

“SDCSD”—Kraig Tripp  

Small Size $5 Silver Certificate Type Set

For the first time ever, PCGS Currency is recognizing an outstanding set with entry in the Set Registry Hall of Fame. Kraig Tripp’s Small Size $5 Silver Certificate type set is virtually unbeatable, with every single note a “top pop” for its Friedberg number. It’s overall weighted grade point average of  70.077 is out of a theoretically possible 70.231. Mr. Tripp’s award-winning set has won past accolades in the Small Size category, and his domination of the $5 Silver Certificate categories is legendary—some of his other sets in this same exact category rank number 2, 3, and 5. The PCGS Currency Set Registry Hall of Fame is reserved for those sets that exemplify the Set Registry concept—the combination of completion and the highest grades possible, with the fun and competition that completing these sets engenders with all collectors.