$5 Federal Reserve Notes 1928B DGS District Set: Fred's 28B Set


Fred's 28B Set - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Rank 1
Weighted GPA 65.273
Complete 83.33%
Set Rating 51.286
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Fred's 28B Set
PCGS No.SeriesItemDenomGradeFriedberg No.PopPop HigherOwner's Comments
9195201011928B1928B $5 Fr. 1952-A$5Green 65 PPQFr. 1952a-A931928B $5 Boston Dark Green Seal
9195202011928B1928B $5 Fr. 1952-B$5Green 66 PPQFr. 1952a-B201928B $5 New York Dark Green Seal
9195203011928B1928B $5 Fr. 1952-C$5Green 66 PPQFr. 1952a-C1051928B Philadelphia Dark Green Seal
9195204011928B1928B $5 Fr. 1952-D$5Green 58 PPQFr. 1952a-D3141928B Cleveland DGS PMG66EPQ
9195205011928B1928B $5 Fr. 1952-E$5Green 65 PPQFr. 1952a-E1031928B $5 Richmond Dark Green Seal
9195206011928B1928B $5 Fr. 1952-F$5Green 58 PPQFr. 1952a-F3101928B Atlanta DGS PMG 66EPQ
9195207011928B1928B $5 Fr. 1952-G$5Green 63 PPQFr. 1952a-G231928B $5 Chicago Dark Green Seal
9195208011928B1928B $5 Fr. 1952-H$5 Fr. 1952a-H
9195209011928B1928B $5 Fr. 1952-I$5Green 65 PPQFr. 1952a-I201928B $5 Minneapolis Dark Green Seal
9195210011928B1928B $5 Fr. 1952-J$5Green 63 PPQFr. 1952a-J201928B Kansas City Dark Green Seal [PMG64EPQ]
9195211011928B1928B $5 Fr. 1952-K$5 Fr. 1952a-K
9195212011928B1928B $5 Fr. 1952-L$5Green 63 PPQFr. 1952a-L321928B San Francisco Dark Green Seal.