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$5 Small Size Design Low Ball Set: Fred

Fred - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

Current Statistics
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 25.897
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 56.256
Retired Statistics (6/14/2011)
Weighted GPA 25.90
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 56.26
Fred's Sets
  Fred's Currency Album
ImagePCGS No.SeriesItemDenomGradeFriedberg No.PopPop LowerOwner's Comments
91525000019281928-1928A Legal Tender $5 Fr. 1525-1526* Red Seal Left; First Legend$5Green 30 PPQFr. 15251545 
9152800001928C1928C-1928G Legal Tender $5 Fr. 1527-1531* Red Seal Left; Second Legend$5Green 25 PPQFr. 15281630 
9153300101953A1953-1953C Legal Tender $5 Fr. 1532-1535* Red Seal Right; First Obligation$5Green 66 PPQFr. 1533*161261953A Star.
91536001019631963 Legal Tender $5 Fr. 1536-1536* Red Seal Right; Second Obligation$5Green 12Fr. 1536*40Low grade 1963 STAR
9180000011929 Ty. 11929 National Bank Note $5 Fr. 1800-1 Brown Seal; Two Charter Numbers$5Green 10Fr. 1800-110646The Merchants NB Sacramento, California
9180000021929 Ty. 21929 National Bank Note $5 Fr. 1800-2 Brown Seal; Four Charter Numbers$5Green 20Fr. 1800-290205The Farmers & Merchants NB Los Angeles, California
91850120019291929 Federal Reserve Bank Note $5 Fr. 1850-A - 1850-L Brown Seal$5Green 12Fr. 1850-L64San Francisco FRBN
9165400021934D1934-1934D Silver Certificate $5 Fr. 1650-1654* Blue Seal Right; Blue "5" Left$5Green 20Fr. 165484 
9230700001934A1934A N.A. Silver Certificate $5 Fr. 2307-2307* Yellow Seal Right; Blue "5" Left$5Green 15Fr. 2307257 
9165600101953A1953-1953C Silver Certificate $5 Fr. 1655-1658 Blue Seal Right; Gray "5" Left$5Green 30 PPQFr. 1656*1243 
9195111001928A1928-1928A FRN $5 Fr. 1950-A - 1951-L* Green Numerical Seal$5Green 25 PPQFr. 1951-K471928A Dallas
9195212111928B1928B-1928D FRN $5 Fr. 1952-A - 1954-F* Green Alpha Seal; First Legend$5Green 35 PPQFr. 1952a-L*211928B TGS San Francisco Star
91955121019341934-1934A FRN $5 Fr. 1955-A - 1957-L* Large Seal w/ "The"; Second Legend$5Green 20 PPQFr. 1955-L*111934 San Francisco LGS Star
92301001119341934-1934A FRN $5 Fr. 2301-2302* Brown Seal; Black "Hawaii" Overprint$5Green 15Fr. 2301m*231934 Hawaii (San Francisco) Mule Star
9196012101934D1934B-1934D FRN $5 Fr. 1958-A - 1960-L* Large Fed. Seal Without "The"$5Green 20 PPQFr. 1960-L*111934D San Francisco Star
91961121219501950-1950E FRN $5 Fr. 1961-A - 1966-L* Small Federal Seal; No Motto$5Green 20Fr. 1961-L*101950 Wide II San Francisco Star
91967121019631963-1963A FRN $5 Fr. 1967-A - 1968-L* Motto on Back; Latin Treasury Seal$5Green 64 PPQFr. 1967-L*111963 San Francisco Star
9197212101969C1969-1988A FRN $5 Fr. 1969-A - 1981-J No Microprint/Security Thread; English Seal$5Green 63 PPQFr. 1972-L*111969C San Francisco Star
91983121019931993-1995 FRN $5 Fr. 1982-A - 1985-L With Microprint and Security Thread$5Green 65 PPQFr. 1983-L*451993 San Francisco Star
91988121020011999-2006 FRN $5 Fr. 1986-A - 1992-L New Design "Big Head"$5Green 15Fr. 1988-L*102001 San Francisco Star
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