$10 Federal Reserve Notes 1950C District Set: Cool Serial Numbers


Cool Serial Numbers - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Cool Serial Numbers
ImagePCGS No.SeriesItemDenomGradeFriedberg No.PopPop HigherOwner's Comments
  1950C1950C $10 Fr. 2013-A Boston$10 Fr. 2013-A
  1950C1950C $10 Fr. 2013-B New York$10 Fr. 2013-B
  1950C1950C $10 Fr. 2013-C Philadelphia$10 Fr. 2013-C
9201304001950C1950C $10 Fr. 2013-D Cleveland$10Green 68 PPQFr. 2013-D10D 11112222 C
  1950C1950C $10 Fr. 2013-E Richmond$10 Fr. 2013-E
  1950C1950C $10 Fr. 2013-F Atlanta$10 Fr. 2013-F
  1950C1950C $10 Fr. 2013-G Chicago$10 Fr. 2013-G
  1950C1950C $10 Fr. 2013-H St. Louis$10 Fr. 2013-H
  1950C1950C $10 Fr. 2013-I Minneapolis$10 Fr. 2013-I
  1950C1950C $10 Fr. 2013-J Kansas City$10 Fr. 2013-J
  1950C1950C $10 Fr. 2013-K Dallas$10 Fr. 2013-K
  1950C1950C $10 Fr. 2013-L San Francisco$10 Fr. 2013-L