Building collections of United States currency can be a rewarding experience. Participating in the PCGS Currency Set Registry program can also be a lot of fun. In addition to the enjoyment of displaying your sets, you also receive the following benefits:

1.  Recognition for your currency.  If your set is in the top five all-time sets and/or in the top 20 current sets, your collection will be listed on the first page of the PCGS Currency Set Registry. You have three options in listing the name of your collection: you can use your full name, you can use your initials, or you can simply be an anonymous collector selecting any name you choose. Also, while we will list the average grade of your set, we will not list the grades of the individual notes in the set unless you make your set viewable.

All Time Finest Sets: Should you sell your set, it will remain in the All Time Finest category if your set is at least 90% complete. (There may be exceptions to the 90% rule if the set is extremely rare.)

2.  A valuable pedigree. In the currency market a pedigree is a contributing factor in the pride of ownership and value of the note. Notes from well-known collections may command a premium in the marketplace. If you participate in the PCGS Currency Set Registry program your set may qualify for the pedigree service. The pedigree service policy is as follows: 

      The set must be 100% complete. 
      The set must be in the top 5 in the Registry. 
      Sets with less than 10 notes may be pedigreed if warranted. The decision will be that of PCGS Currency experts.

The initial fee for pedigree is $2 per note plus shipping and handling costs.  The fee for pedigrees for upgrades to your set submitted after the initial pedigree is $5 per note plus shipping and handling.  PCGS Currency will not pedigree duplicate items within a set. You must submit both the upgraded note and the note it will be replacing. The note that will no longer remain in your set will be reholdered without the pedigree and returned to you along with the newly pedigreed note. Your set must remain 100% complete and in the top five to qualify.

To confirm that your set qualifies for the Pedigree Service, contact customer service at
. Then mail with your set a completed PCGS Currency submission form including the pedigree fee and postage and a printed page from the Set Registry that lists your set in the top five.  Clearly print on the submission form the name you wish to use as your pedigree.  Please note: Pedigrees can be up to 45 characters in length. 

3.  Free Submissions.
We recognize that not every note in every important collection has been graded by PCGS Currency. In order to encourage participation in the PCGS Currency Set Registry program we are offering the following free submission benefits for sets that reach 90% completion:

  • If the set composition is 1-9 notes you are entitled to 1 free submission.
  • If the set composition is 10-24 notes you are entitled to 2 free submissions.
  • If the set composition is 25-49 notes you are entitled to 3 free submissions.
  • If the set composition is 50-99 notes you are entitled to 4 free submissions.
  • If the set composition is 100+ notes you are entitled to 5 free submissions.

Free submissions are for notes within the set that has reached 90% completion. You should request your free submissions with the intent to either add or upgrade your set with the notes that are being graded for free. All notes must be submitted at one time. If your set has reached 90% complete and you have not previously received free submissions for this set, please contact  with your name, address and phone number. You will be sent by U.S. mail a submission form to be used exclusively for your free submissions. It is your responsibility to pay for postage and insurance.