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PCGS Currency Announces Partnership with International Currency Grading
PCGS Currency has announced a major new partnership with International Currency Grading to grade and authenticate World banknotes. The new partnership will combine two of the leading third-party paper money grading services, and will provide collectors and dealers around the world with the combined expertise of the grading teams from both companies. The owners of the United States-based PCGS Currency’s parent company, K3B, Inc., headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, will obtain an interest in International Currency Grading, S.L., located in Madrid, Spain. This partnership will combine the World banknote grading operations of both companies. Notes graded by the new partnership will be certified using the existing market-based PCGS Currency grading standards familiar to collectors and already applied by both companies.

2016 PCGS Currency Set Registry Winners Announced
It is our pleasure to present the 2016 PCGS Currency Set Registry category award winners.
It is our pleasure to present the 2016 PCGS Currency Set Registry category award winners. Each year, we anticipate choosing category and overall winners with the same excitement that our participants must feel with each note added to his or her sets. It is always a difficult task to choose between deserving sets, and each year it has become increasingly competitive as more deserving sets are improved and added.
To view our winning sets, please click here.

PCGS Currency’s Ninth Annual Set Registry Awards Dinner to be in Memphis June 2, 2016
The Ninth Annual PCGS Currency Set Registry Awards Dinner, will again be held in conjunction with the 2015 Memphis International Paper Money Show.. The number of attendees at the celebration increases annually as the number of Set Registry participants and categories continue to expand. A catered dinner, consisting of the exceptional barbeque that is associated with Memphis, and the enthusiasm of the collectors, combine for an evening of camaraderie. We invite you to join us as we honor this year's winners. Read More >>>

2016 PCGS Currency Set Registry Award's Deadline is Approaching!
The deadline for this year's PCGS Currency Set Registry Awards is Tuesday, May 3rd. Any new sets or edits to existing sets must be published before 10:00 PM CENTRAL TIME. To review the list of award categories, please click here. All sets which are in the top of their category are considered in contention. Judging by PCGS Currency experts will take place in May. New winners of major awards will be presented with their awards along with the major winners of the PCGS Set Registry awards at the annual Registry dinner.  This year, the awards dinner will be held in Memphis, Thursday, June 2nd.  The dinner is open to any collector who wishes to attend.
In order to qualify you must own and have possession of the notes you are listing in your sets.
Occasionally, you may find an item is still being listed in another member's set. If you have sent an auto request to the former owner to remove and he or she has not done so, please send personal scans of the front and back of your item and we'll get the item released for you. Please make sure your scans are sent to us prior to the deadline. We do not extend the Set Registry awards deadline for any reason, so please plan ahead!
Thank you for your participation in the PCGS Currency Set Registry.  We are looking forward to another exciting awards season!

2016 PCGS Currency Show Schedule
PCGS Currency will be offering on-site grading at many shows through out the year. Collectors and dealers may submit notes for on-site show grading with service levels offered that will allow you to get your notes back the same day! Our representatives will be available throughout the show to discuss your banknotes, answer any questions about the grading process, or accept submissions to be completed at our home office.
Please check out our 2016 show schedule for shows PCGS Currency will be attending this year.

How Franklin Thwarted Counterfeiters
Benjamin Franklin’s Philadelphia printing shop made plaster molds from pressed sage leaves to create metal stamps for marking foliage patterns on Colonial currency. The distinctive contours of leaf spines, stems and veins were meant to thwart counterfeiters, and Franklin’s workers managed to keep the casting technique a secret that has puzzled modern scholars, too.

Joshua A. Norton, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico
Beginning on September 17th, 1859, the United States was unofficially "ruled" by Joshua A. Norton, a penniless San Francisco oddball who, in a fit of Lunacy, declared himself "Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico". In 1871, he went to far as to issue and print his own money! 

Disney's Newest Collection of “Villains and Heroes 2013 series” Commemorates the Fairy Tale Classics

After much anticipation, a new series of Disney Dollars has been issued for 2013. Following a one year hiatus and much speculation over their fate for the future; Disney produced a new series of $1 notes.

PCGS Currency Welcomes Patti Walters to our Team
PCGS Currency is pleased to announce the addition of Patti (Fisher) Walters to our growing team. Patti, who is already well-known to many currency hobbyists, literally grew up in the currency business. Her father is a long-time and well-known Illinois currency dealer. Patti has also worked in the hobby for many years and will be a familiar face to many collectors and dealers at shows

PCGS Currency Website Adds World Language Translation
PCGS Currency has recently introduced the ability for clients around the world to access information on the www.PCGSCurrency.com website in more than 60 different languages. Using the new translation tool, collectors and dealers can, with one simple mouse click on a drop-down menu, view every page on the PCGS Currency website in their preferred language of choice.

PCGS Currency Presentation Featured at Louisiana Civil War Round Table
The Civil War Round Table, a group of professional and amateur historians and scholars with an interest in the American Civil War, meets in various cities throughout the country. The Central Louisiana group invited PCGS Currency’s vice president Laura A. Kessler and president Jason W. Bradford to deliver a talk on Civil War-era currency

PCGS Currency Graded Notes Highlight Heritage Sale
Numerous notes graded by PCGS Currency highlighted the Heritage Currency Auctions Signature sale at the American Numismatic Association Fall 2012 National Money Show in Dallas, Texas.

PCGS Currency Recently Welcomes an Addition to our Grading Staff

Nicholas Coombs joined the PCGS Currency team of experts earlier this summer.
Nick is a graduate of The University of Wisconsin-Madison with an honors degree in Art History (BA) and a second degree in Geography (BA). He is fluent in Japanese, French and Latin, and has what he describes as a "passable" working knowledge of Mandarin.

PCGS Currency Certifies Original Hoard of “Giori” Test Currency Notes
PCGS Currency has certified a newly discovered hoard of Giori Test Notes, printed on a press designed in the 1970s in Geneva, New York, by an engineer working for the American Bank Note Company. The notes, which were saved by the designer of the press and were recently sold from his estate to the numismatic market by a family member, are one of the largest groups of these famous “test notes” to ever become available to the collecting community.

PCGS Currency Certifies “Watermelon Collection”
PCGS Currency recently had the pleasure of certifying the “Watermelon Collection” of Large Size type notes and National Bank Notes, among the offerings in the Official ANA Auction by Stacks-Bowers in Philadelphia in August 2012. Additional notes from this outstanding collection will be graded by PCGS Currency and presented in future Stacks-Bowers auctions. Several generations of collectors are seeing some of these notes for the first time, as the majority of the notes resided in the collection for at least three decades.

PCGS Currency’s Fifth Annual Set Registry Awards Dinner Held in Memphis June 2012
The Fifth Annual PCGS Currency Set Registry Awards Dinner, held in conjunction with the 2012 Memphis International Paper Money Show, was one of the highlights of the convention. The number of attendees at the celebration increases annually as the number of Set Registry participants and categories continue to expand. A catered dinner, consisting of the exceptional barbeque that is associated with Memphis, and the enthusiasm of the collectors, combine for an evening of camaraderie.

PCGS Currency Wins SPMC’s Nathan Goldstein Award for the Fifth Consecutive Year
The Society of Paper Money Collectors, SPMC, presented awards during their annual breakfast held in conjunction with the 36th Annual Memphis International Paper Show during June 2012.

PCGS Currency Certifies Titanic Survivor's Dollar Bill
The 1899 $1 Silver Certificate a survivor of the S.S. Titanic had in his pocket a century ago when he was rescued from the Atlantic Ocean, and then was later inscribed by him, has been certified by PCGS Currency.

2012 Set Registry Winners Announced!
Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 PCGS Currency Set Registry Awards.  To view the complete list of winners, visit the awards page. The award's dinner will be held Friday, June 8, at Blues City Cafe in Memphis. If you did not get an invitation and would like to attend, please email lkessler@pcgscurrency.com for further details or to RSVP.

Seized $500s and $,1000s Sold by Feds
On August 23, The U.S. Marshals Service concluded an auction of 125 scarce $500 and $1000 bills once owned by Chicago mobster Frank Calabrese, Sr. The notes, all from the 1928 and 1934 series Federal Reserve Note issues, were graded by PCGS Currency, the leader in third-party currency authentication and grading.

PCGS Currency Honors their 2011 Set Registry Winners
PCGS Currency celebrated its fourth annual Set Registry award dinner at the Blues City Café in Memphis in conjunction with the International Paper Money Show. More than 75 attendees enjoyed the catered event that included barbecue, catfish, and ribs in traditional Memphis festivity on Beale Street.

PCGS Currency Releases Population Report for Serial Number Blocks
The newest resource for paper money collectors is now available online. PCGS Currency has expanded the PCGS Currency Population Report, a report by grade of more than 250,000 notes authenticated and certified by PCGS Currency, to include population by serial number block. Updated daily and available by subscription to members of the PCGS Currency Collectors Club and all PCGS Currency Authorized Dealers, the new “Pop by Block” feature gives collectors and Small Size U.S. currency specialists the opportunity to view PCGS Currency grade populations by serial number block.

PCGS Currency Continues to Support YN Program!
In 2009 25 young numismatists participated in the Young Notables Group at Dutton Elementary School. The 25 3-5th graders were the part of an ongoing after school enrichment program facilitated by Frank Renberg, a Society of Paper Money Collectors member who shares his knowledge with the next generation of collectors. In 2009, Lyn Knight graciously agreed to auction some of the student’s paper money designs in an effort to raise money for materials to support future Young Notables classes.

PCGS Currency Set Registry Awards Dinner- Huge Success!
PCGS Currency celebrated its third annual Set Registry Award's dinner at the Blues City Café in Memphis in conjunction with the International Paper Money Show. Unlike past years when the event was combined with the PCGS Coin Set Registry Award's dinner, this event was a stand-alone success. More than 50 attendees, including dealers, collectors, Set Registry participants, and award winners enjoyed the catered event which featured standard Memphis fare such as barbecue, catfish, and ribs in a casual yet festive atmosphere.

PCGS Currency Adds New National Bank Note Set Registry Category
PCGS Currency Set Registry participants may now take part and compete in an all new National Bank Note category. To mark its debut, a 51-note small size U.S. National Bank Note set has been designed to represent one example from each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. “The introduction of National Bank Note sets encourages National collectors to actively participate in the PCGS Currency Set Registry,” says Andrew Shiva, an avid collector of National Bank Notes who was instrumental in designing and creating the new category.

PCGS Currency Set Registry Continues to Grow!
PCGS Currency introduced several new sets this week to the PCGS Currency Set Registry.  Two new Federal Reserve Bank Note sets to the PCGS Currency Set Registry we among these additions. Collectors can now enter notes from their collection to compete in sets that include all combined FRBN denominations, not just for individual denomination sets.

PCGS Currency Currency Introduces Block Sets for the Set Registry
PCGS Currency announced today the introduction of Block Sets to the PCGS Currency Set Registry. Collectors can now enter notes from their collection by serial number block for selected issues, in addition to collections by series and signature combination.

PCGS Currency Set Registry Participants Compete for the Lowest Grades, Too
PCGS Currency recently graded its first “Poor 1” Note, a Fr. 225 $1 1896 “Educational Series” Silver Certificate. This is the lowest grade possible under the PCGS Currency Grading Standards, the only written grading standards published by any major third-party grading service.

Collectors Universe Sells PCGS Currency Division to a New Company Led By Division President Jason Bradford
NEWPORT BEACH, CA—Collectors Universe, Inc., a leading provider of value-added authentication and grading services to dealers and collectors of high-value collectibles, and dealers of diamonds and colored gemstones, today announced that it has sold PCGS Currency, its currency authentication and grading division for collectible currency, to a new company formed for the acquisition and led by the former president of the division, Jason W. Bradford.

PCGS Currency Certifies Dog-Gone Note
There’s an interesting “pedigree” to a Series 1918 Federal Reserve $2 note (Fr. 776) recently certified 58 PPQ by PCGS Currency. It has the unusual serial number, K9A, and a specially-worded encapsulation insert prepared for this note honors a fondly-remembered canine pet.

PCGS Currency Holders "Take the Heat"
With only a dozen exceptions, all the paper items in a Florida collector’s home safe were destroyed or damaged by intense heat during a house fire. The only papers that survived unscathed were 12 bank notes inside PCGS Currency holders, including two 1907 $10 Gold Certificates.

PCGS Currency-Certified "D.B. Cooper" Skyjacking Cash Sold In Heritage Auction 
Fifteen tattered $20 bills recovered from the infamous 1971 “D. B. Cooper” skyjacking sold for a combined total of $37,433 in a public auction on Friday, June 13, 2008.

PCGS Currency Notifies FBI OF "D.B. Cooper" Serial Numbers
During the recent examination and certification of recovered money from the famous 1971 “D. B. Cooper” skyjacking case, PCGS Currency staff members discovered nearly three dozen serial numbers that apparently had not been previously recorded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

PCGS Currency Certifies Legendary “D.B. Cooper” Skyjacking Ransom Notes
Nearly two dozen $20 denomination notes from the infamous 1971 “D.B. Cooper” skyjacking have been certified by PCGS Currency on behalf of the owner who found them a quarter-century ago.

PCGS Currency Adds New Set Registry Sets
Since the launch of the PCGS Currency Set Registry last May, interest in the Set Registry has been steadily growing with more than 400 Sets currently registered.  After receiving many requests for additional sets, PCGS Currency is pleased to announce the addition of new Large Size and Small Size sets in the Registry.

PCGS Currency Releases Online Paper Money Population Report
An important new resource for paper money collectors now is available online. The extensive PCGS Currency Population ReportSM, a census database of more than 80,000 notes authenticated and certified by PCGS Currency, is updated daily and is available by subscription to members of the PCGS Currency Collectors Club and PCGS Currency authorized dealers.

First Large Size U.S. Note Graded "69PPQ" by PCGS Currency to Sell in Teletrade Auction
A Fr. 230 1899 Silver Certificate graded Superb Gem New 69PPQ by PCGS Currency is being offered by Teletrade in their upcoming auction ending on Monday, December 10, 2007.

CCE and PCGS Currency Launch Currency Marketplace
In a move that is expected to significantly boost activity in the already brisk paper money market, the Certified Coin Exchange (CCE) in conjunction with PCGS Currency has established the Currency Marketplace, a new CCE service where collectors can view, select from and buy thousands of bank notes offered by many of the top currency dealers.

PCGS Currency To No Longer Use "Red Holders" for Problem Notes
PCGS Currency has announced that, effective immediately, notes with major problems and/or restorations will no longer be placed in “Red Holders.” 

The Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Expo - September 27-29, 2007
Over 2,000 dealers will attend the Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Expo, a show spanning 100,000 square feet in the beautiful Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center

PCGS Currency Set Registry Now Online
A new, free interactive service for bank note collectors is now online: the PCGS Currency Set Registry.

Laura A. Kessler Joins PCGS Currency Team
Laura A. Kessler has been named Vice President of Business Development for PCGS Currency, one of the world's largest rare paper money authentication and grading certification services and a division of Collectors Universe (NASDAQ:  CLCT).

PCGS Currency is Pleased to Announce Its New and Improved Currency Holder
PCGS Currency is pleased to announce its new and improved currency holder. The new holder is made of the finest quality Mylar-D, the best archival quality currency holder available.

PCGS Currency Makes Inventory of Recovered Andrea Doria Bank Notes
PCGS Currency has made the first known public inventory by series type of historic bank notes recovered from a safe salvaged from the submerged Italian ocean liner, Andrea Doria.

PCGS Currency Grades Rickey Collection, Holders Will Not Be Sealed For Lot Viewing
PCGS Currency was selected to grade and authenticate the notes in the fabulous Rickey Collection that will be offered in a public sale to be conducted by Lyn Knight Currency Auctions on October 21, 2005.

PCGS Announces Currency Grading, Taps Jason W. Bradford to Head New Division
The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) today announced that Jason W. Bradford has been named the Director of its new Currency Grading division. This latest initiative will provide independent, third-party authentication and grading for both large and small size U.S. currency as well as Nationals, Fractionals and Confederate notes.